Friday, August 20, 2010


Humans domesticated dogs to be of service to humans. Dogs were selectively bred to perform a certain type of work that was useful to us. We continue to breed these dogs although many never are given the opportunity to express those natural inclinations. The inevitable result is a host of behavioral problems. Failure to release the excessive energy can result in destruction. The dogs are often simply bored.

Our dogs are not bred to lay back and relax in our home. They are not a plant that needs some nutrition and water. Dogs need to be exercised and mentally stimulated. If your dog shows signs of boredom here are a few awesome dog jobs available to you:

  • Agility
  • Assistance
  • Competitive Obedience
  • Herding
  • Police K-9 work
  • Protection (Golden Retrievers may not do so well in this!)
  • Schutzhund
  • Therapy
  • Tracking
  • Scent work
  • SAR
There is an alternative job for every breed if you cannot provide the job they have been bred for. Contact your dog trainer for more information.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our newest business venture

Since 2007 K9 Consultant had been in the planning. The rise of The Dog Hikers, PurrfectKiddies and the K9 Outdoor Adventure Club (K9OAC) kept us happy and busy that we put our plans aside. Nathalie's back suddenly went out again. The result from a motorcycle accident in 2003, Nathalie's back ended up in a mess. As life changing as the 2003 accident was in her life, the new flaring up of her back made her decide that running a family and three full time successful businesses is just too much. She decided to concentrate on what she had been doing behind the scences all this time: train dogs to become pleasant and happy companions.
Nathalie will be concentrating on setting up a dog consulting business. Training is just part of that. We are happy to announce the launch of K9 Consultant on September 15, 2010. Although some of our services are already available we will officially publish our website on that day! By the end of the year Djuka will be joining our K9 team as well. She is finishing her theory on dog behavior although her knowledge is extensive as a certified Search and Rescue handler. We will also collaborate with Tammy, who is planning on offering Agility to interested dog owners.

We are really looking forward to building up a unique business by providing information to dog owners and taking dog training to the outdoors versus a classroom. Going back to school has just become a lot more fun. Happy Training!

Your K9 Consultant Team