Saturday, January 1, 2011

A 5-star review

Any business is incredibly happy when you receive a good review. We have made it our habit not to ask our clients to post a review. Reviews need to be authentic: honest and posted because you have made a difference in a person's life. A bad review is the same way. If you have had a bad experience let the business know first, then post if nothing is done about your complaint. I've done it before and some businesses respond and some don't.

Beyond Companions aka K9 Outdoor Adventure has 6 5-star reviews on Yelp. I don't like Yelp because of their way of doing business. Driven by commercial interest this business has hit the news in not the best way lately. I will not post the link to our review but I allowed myself to copy the review to post it to on our blog.

I want to thank Nikki W. for writing the review. Nikki from here I want to thank you for your review. It was really nice talking to you and I hope both you and your dog the very best. I wish you a Happy 2011!

Nikki's review:
"I emailed Outdoor Adventure (K9Consultant) because I was looking for a trainer to help me potty train an adult dog. It is a busy time of year for Nathalie and she was not able to directly help, but she called me to give me the names of trainers she recommends. She stayed on the phone with me for a long time giving me tips and advice on how to start the training process. I really appreciate the time she took to help out me and the new addition to my family! I hope to someday utilize her hiking service. It sounds like fun for the pups!"