Friday, November 19, 2010

Calming Cap: a fantastic aid or another weird invention?

What is a calming cap? According to the manufacturer it:
  • Lessen's anxiety
  • Lessens stress
  • Reduces visual stimulus
  • Filters vision
  • Easy on/off use

The use is indeed easy and it does work. For us dog walkers and trainers it is another great aid. It was designed by Trish King, CPDT CDBC and director of Behavior & Training at the Marin Humane Society, in collaboration with Lisa Moore, CPDT. The Cap was developed originally to ease hyperactivity in a dog that became agitated while traveling in a car. Now it is used to lessen a dog's anxiety or aggression in high-stress situations. If you ever walk through SF and see a dog walker using these on their dogs than you know it is not dress up time. The dog can walk with the pack without being stressed out or reacting aggressively. A humane behavior management aid!
Price at is $19.