Thursday, June 9, 2011

K9 Bridle: a new turn on a positive training collar

I had read about the K9 Bridle but never seen one. Christine, owner of Tigana Golden Retrievers, used these collars on her Goldens. Impressed by what I saw I shared an order with her and received my shipment yesterday.

Enthusiastically I opened the box and today I used them on some of our dogs. I was not disappointed. The control you have over your dog is effortless. Unlike the gentle leader the K9 Bridle doesn't interfere with the mouth or the eyes. Once put on and secured it stays in place. The Gentle leader uses a point underneath the chin and twists the dogs head to the side. The dogs often learn to even pull by tilting its head. With the K9 Bridle that is simply not possible.

Unlike most other training collars the K9 Bridle works from the back of the neck. The strap under the chin is there as a safety device in case the dog should manage to get the bridle off (similar to the Halty).

We ordered in bulk and the Bridle cost me $16 a piece. For the quality the price is underneath of what they could charge for. The Gentle Leader with its fragile plastic is nothing compared to the high quality materials used in this lead with its real brass fittings.

All in all as a professional dog walker I am happy with the lead. As with all leads you need to find the right training collar to fit your dog. Both dogs I used the collar with responded excellently and stopped pulling. This product gets 5 paws from me. I will review the product again in a few months to test for quality and function.

The K9 Bridle is available at:

Happy K9 Bridle!