Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hunter update

I was planning on writing more but it didn't happen. Again!

It is time for a little update. Hunter came with NO basic obedience. He jumped up, mouthed, humped ... you name it and he did it. Promised! Underneath that layer of skin I found a very sensitive boy, who had not discovered the world, who had not been told boundries and who simply wanted to be loved.

It only took us three days to calm him down. Something neither the shelter or the rescue believed. Currently he holds the position of top nop notch foster hiker, vicious pibble licker, and play instructor at large. He does well with cats, other dogs and kids. I guess you cannot ask more of a top notch pibble!

We have a potential adopter. Hopefully we get to meet her soon. Hunter fits great into our family but I do hope he finds a family soon to call his own.

His training has been going well. He is a fast learner.