Monday, September 24, 2012

New Logo!

Our new logo! Designed and created by my daughter Lara. Her first ever drawn pet. I'm so proud of her!

Why a new logo? One of my competitors had stolen my image and used it on her own logo. For the last two years we were using the same logo. When I started to market my dog training business again she suddenly had a new logo designed. Funny, she could have kept it as I was waiting for this one to be done. Things seem to be working themselves out as usual. Today I also received notification that the same competitor abandoned my business name K9 Outdoor Adventure. She had been using it for the last year and even registered it with the County as a dba although she knew I had it trademarked. Yes, competition can be extremely unprofessional but that seems to be the going rate in the dog care world.

A day to celebrate and I am extremely happy. Our website is up and running: K9 Consultant. Click on the Facebook or Twitter link if you would like to follow us there. Thanks everyone for being supportive.


  1. A proud parent you sure are because of this! My guess is this will be your sweetest weapon against your competitor. I still think stealing your company’s logo was a foul thing to do though. On a good note, it means that you’re in the forefront of the field you’ve chosen. I know it will take you a considerable amount of time to establish the new logo, but just think of this: They only stole your symbol, not your service. -->David Byrd

  2. Thanks David. For whatever reason I'm not getting a notification that I had a comment. Sorry! Therefore my very late reply. I'm proud of the new logo because my Lab is on it and my daughter designed it. It is now on my website, business cards and car magnets.

    My competitor may have stolen my symbol but I'm never afraid of having her steal my service. She is a low function individual who is a professional of copying and stealing other people's work. Unfortunately there is a lot of those in the pet care business. Just doing a job because you love it doesn't guarantee income. Happy Day!

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